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Kindergarten Playground at the Luxor Learning Hub


The Kindergarten Playground at Luxor Learning Hub is a drop off play session for 4-6 years. 

20 hours a week, over 5 mornings at our hub farm site.

We have created a Kindergarten play space for extended play, learning and exploration. 

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Child Centered Learning In Egypt

The Luxor Self-Directed Learning Hub was birthed during 2021 to serve children of travelling families. 

We wanted to create an education space and community which focussed on cultural Immersion and hands on, project based learning experiences. 

Since that time we've hosted over 175 families in Luxor, with nearly 220 children attending our immersive 4 week culture hubs and families joining us on Upper Egypt Explorations from Nile River sail boat adventures to Marine Conservation Camps at the Red Sea.

Our programs are for children who would thrive in an autonomous learning environment and enjoy hands on learning, creative crafts and lots of freedom to play and be outside with nature.

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How Do Learning Hub Sessions Work?

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How Do The Learning Hub Sessions Work?

The hub site is located on a family run farm, 10-15 minutes from the Nile.

A school bus picks children up from 2-3 locations on the Nile path every morning at 9am.

Daily Activities for 4-7 Years and 7 to 14 Years, Monday to Wednesday and Thursday is field trip day.


Our day starts at 9.30am with a touch base team exercise or daily circle.

Then the children are free to dive into their extended projects or join in an organised workshop.


Workshops will be available daily and we encourage you to motivate your child to take part as much as possible.

There will be lots of free time to play, socialise and be with friends.

Older children are given the freedom to explore the monthly theme and take on a leadership role within the community if they so wish.


Our learning environments are for project-based learning for children who have previously been homeschooled or from an unschooling self-directed learning environment. (children on a gap yer travelling will be invited to apply on an individual case basis.)

Our unstructured environment is not suited to all children, especially children who need and crave structure.

Our home will be an outdoor learning center in the West Bank village, which will be home for nature and ecological learning, working with local facilitators and forest school-trained staff.

We are trying to cultivate an environment that is enriching for young people to come and learn and socialise, while also being in touch with nature, arts, crafts and animal care.

Before your child signs up, it's a good idea they understand how we run as a community, so they can make a choice if it is something they are interested in.

Once a week we will go on a field trip and parent volunteers are welcomed to attend.

Our lunch is fresh and made on site daily and served around 12.30pm, plus fresh fruit and water is available throughout the morning.

Children will board the bus to go home between 1.15pm and 1.30pm and be back with you in the village by 2pm latest.

The site is on a farm and so children will be very active, possibly tending to our rescue animals on site. We will also go on walks around the farm, so being easily mobile is essential.

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The Vision & Core Values 


Our learning hubs are spaces for children to come together as they travel and build a learning community, with self directed and hands-on project-based learning.

Our education space is at a new site that is 100% outdoor in nature, where children will also be given the opportunity to grow their own food and care for our any animals on site. 


Our 4-week workshops explore themes that embody skills that children can carry into their everyday life.

Each session is immersive in nature so children can explore what it means to care for themselves and the community they belong to here in Luxor and in the wider world.


Our sessions revolve around the core principles of respect for each other, our community members, and the planet as a whole.

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West Bank Luxor


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Where is Luxor In Egypt?

Lots of people ask "are the pyramids near Luxor?" 🤔

So here is a great overview of the main historical and ecological locations you may want to visit.

My suggestion is that in a month's trip to Egypt, especially with children, you should visit Cairo, Aswan, Red Sea and possibly Fayoum Oasis. 

When in Cairo you can plan trips to stay overnight in the White Desert or a trip to Fayoum Oasis.

More than a month, you can plan extended stays at the Red Sea with our beach camp and diving provider in an untouched part of Egypts Red Sea.

You can also go to off the beaten track temples near the Sudan border or a Nile cruise to Aswan.

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Temples and Tombs

Luxor is an open-air museum of tombs and temples and a gateway to travel North to Cairo for trips to the Pyramids or south towards Nubian Aswan and the coastal Red Sea areas.


Green Villages and Farms

The West Bank of Luxor is the village through and through.
Green pastures, mud brick houses, and a step back in time with men in traditional dress and donkeys and carts are aplenty. The pace of life if slower and the environment slower than on the East Bank of Luxor.


The River Nile

The Nile River is the longest river in the world and runs through the heart of Luxor. You can take a boat ride to the East or West bank via moto-taxi or maybe a cruise further afield to Aswan or Cairo.

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Weekly Cultural Trips

Weekly village walks, temple visit days, cultural trips and community dinners are organised as an optional extra activity during your stay.

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We are the very first provider to open up Luxor as a destination for International families to come and live and enjoy local community life here in Luxor Egypt.

We started this project back in the lockdown of 2020, when we put together a Facebook group for families who were interested to come to Luxor Egypt for 6 weeks or more. 

It was set up as a not for profit project, not like a tour company, because our main aim was to create a bond with the local people and also bring money into the village during a huge tourist recession.

During this time families have come from the Uk, Europe, the USA, Australia and Canada to enjoy an extended stay with us in Luxor and attend our learning hub.

Every week we host FREE walking tours in the village, community meals and visits to charity organizations and local community events, which normally a tourist would not get the chance to see, as my husband has a very good relationship with his home village people, so we enjoy spontaneous invites to weddings, Iftar meals, parties and community events.

What myself and my husband have created is beautiful connections and most families leave our community really feeling like they were part of something special and our feedback for our first 4 learning hubs can be found on our business Facebook page.

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