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Egyptian Food & Drinks Your Kids Will Love

Egyptian cuisine is full of flavour, history, and culture that's sure to excite everyone’s taste buds, even your little one! From aromatic spices to sweet treats, here are some must-try Egyptian food and drink your kids will love and it’s cheap enough that you can try it all.


This popular Egyptian fast food is a delicious blend of lentils, rice, macaroni, and chickpeas, topped with spicy tomato sauce and crispy onions. It's a hearty and filling meal that your kids will love and ask for more.


A staple breakfast dish in Egypt, Ful Medames is made of fava beans cooked for hours oven a medium heat, served with butter, herbs, cilantro, cumin and a lemon wedge for tasting. Traditionally, you eat beans with warm flatbreads, which you use to dip and scoop up your delicious beans. My son loves beans for breakfast.


Hawawshi is favourite of children. An Egyptian sandwich which is filled with spiced minced meat, onions, and herbs, baked or fried in a pita bread. It's a perfect meal for on-the-go or a quick snack and can be found at any local street food stall and what's great is that its served hot, with yogurt sauce or Thani.


A popular drink in Egypt, Kahwa is a sweet and light aromatic coffee infused with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Your kids will love the unique flavour and sweet aroma. It is not as strong as you may think, as it is a nice refreshment


Falafels are a popular street food in Egypt that's made of deep-fried chickpea or fava bean balls. They're crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and perfect for dipping in tahini sauce or hummus. Falafels are a great vegetarian option and a favorite among kids for their fun shape and delicious taste. Be sure to add falafels to your list of must-try Egyptian food when exploring the country with your family!


Sugar cane juice is a refreshing and sweet drink that's popular in Egypt, especially during the summer months. It's made by pressing the juice from fresh sugar cane stalks, resulting in a deliciously sweet and natural drink. Perfect for hydrating little people on a hot day and the locals drink it daily, as a probiotic to keep the gut healthy, so as they say do as the locals do, is you want to stay healthy.

Egyptian foods usually come with a variety of side dishes, rice and good old local flatbread, so if in doubt, you will find something to dip or stuff into a pitta bread and the local juice stands will keep your kids hydrated throughout your stay.

At most hotels you can get western style foods if your little peeps need to munch on something familiar and locally Egyptian rice with fried vermicelli is served in every restaurant, and kids love this rice pasta combo.

Egypt is a place to use your hands and try new foods, so enjoy the new tastes and have fun!

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