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Beyond Temples & Tombs in Egypt

When you think of planning a trip to Egypt, you automatically think of the grand Pyramids and the ancient tombs and temples of Egypts past.

Although Egypt is an open air museum of history and wonder, there is much more to see beyond the typical tourist trail, especially for families.

Here is our off the beaten track must do activities for families in Egypt!

Hot Air Balloon Ride - Luxor:

If you have the time, you have to book a sunrise hot air balloon trip in Luxor. This magical experience is available every day and has a minimum age requirement of 6 years. In your 45 minute ride, you get to see the beautiful West Bank valley and its temples which flank the Nile river and you're guaranteed to create memories forever. Book Here 

Nile Cruise - Luxor to Aswan:

A Nile cruise is an unforgettable Egypt experience. Sailings of 3,4,5 days can be arranged on a larger cruise ship, with luxury cabins, swimming pools and restaurant areas, which are fun for children and if you're looking for a more intimate experience then smaller wooden sailboats make the same journey. A Nile river sailing trip usually starts in either Aswan or Luxor and stops at temples along the way. Most cruises are all inclusive of food and day trips, guides and entertainment.

HorseBack Riding - Luxor:

Why not take a 1-2 hour horseback ride through the villages of Luxor's West Bank and along the Nile. If you want a real immersive experience, then nothing beats viewing life from horseback. A slow trek through the unseen villages is a perfect way to witness Egyptian life.

Diving at the Red Sea:

Egypt's coastline is teaming with marine life, all along the Red Sea. Families can enjoy warm coral reefs, swimming with dolphins, turtles and much more at any Red Sea resort town. South of Hurghada is some beautiful off the beaten track diving and snorkeling opportunities. If you have time, children 8+ can option to try Scuba Diving and children 10+ can take their junior open water certification.

Aswan and Elephantine Island:

If you manage to make it south of Luxor, then you will have to soak up the Nubian charm of Aswan. You can stay on Elephantine Island, for a real authentic experience, where no cars are allowed, just small footbaths. Hire a Felucca boat for the morning and sail along the beautiful Nile islands of Aswan. If you have time go to the Night souk and visit the underrated Nubian Museum on the East Bank.

There is much more to Egypt than temples and tombs and if you have the time, you should take your family on a magical adventure.

The oasis town of Fayome with its ancient Whale bone museum, petrified woods and sand boarding.

Siwa is another gem, with its salt lakes and ancient mud brick towns, teeming with desert life culture, but a 12 hour journey from Cairo by land.

Over in the Sinai Peninsula you can enjoy mountain walks and national marine parks along the Red Sea Coast.