Mini Trips

We host mini immersion experiences from 10 to to 14 days here in Upper Egypt and beyond.
These hosted and guided experiences are for families who want to add a little adventure and culture to thier trips to Egypt.
Our camps are usually themed and sometimes hosted at one hotel location.
We offer a full immersion experience where you get to feel the local people and their customs.
We are the original provided of family extended immersion experiences in Luxor and since 2021 have hosted 50+ families here in Upper Egypt.
Our camps give families and their children to travel, learn and make friends together while soaking up the wonder of Egypt.
We promise to give you a unique experience like no tourist tour guided trip could give you and we only work with reputable guides and businesses which ate family friendly and who we've built a relationship with here in Luxor.

September Red Sea & Nile Adventure

This Incredible 13 guided trip will be our best yet! 
We start our adventure in Luxor Egypt, the home to the ancient tombs and temples of Egypts Kings and Queens. We get a chance to explore Luxor West Bank and the Nile river, before checking into your 5 day all inclusive sail boat cruise to Aswan.
The cruise will stop to visit Nile river temples and villages along the way and end up on the Nubian city of Aswan. 
In Aswan you will get a chance to explore the river via small sail boat and visit the lush Botanical Gardens and Nubian villages.
After Aswan you will transfer to Hurguhada via private tourist van to your hotel and have 2 days of adventure by the ocean, where you have an opportunity to snorkel with dolphins and visit a traditional berber desert village and Quad biking in the dessert.
You will then be free to explore Egypt some more or fly out of Hurguhada or transfer to Cairo for the pyramids and international flights.