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Will there be extra costs?

On our guided trips the only thing you will need to pay for is some of your accommodation and food during your stay, except for on an all inclusive cruise, where all food and drinks are included.
TIPSTips are not included and it is expected to pay tips in restaurants, hotels, trips and guides.

10% is normal for eating and maybe 12% for services like diving, ballooning, tour guiding and on cruise ships.
When atteding a learning hub, your fee is to cover your childs tution. You will need to pay extra for trips, temples and tombs, transport, school bus, food and Internet.

Can i stay onsite at the learning hub with my child?

The learning hub is a surpervised care provision, so it is designed for your child to attend independently of their parent, although it is expected a period of settling in may be needed. We will have a small area for parents to stay on site where you can sit and work in an open Nubian tent.
If your child is not settling in or their are signs of disturbsnce of tge activities, it is your responsibility to then look after your child, as our limited staff are not able to provide 1-2-1 care.

Is accommodation all together on one site?

No! You can rent apartments in the Ramla village of West Bank Luxor either though us from our vetted landlords list or you can rent an apartment independently through Airbnb or Our apartments are within walking distance of each other and can be found in our booking section of our website.

Can we support children with additional learning needs or behaviour problems?

Our staff are not trained to support children with additional learning needs or behavioural problems and our unstructured learning environment is not always a good fit for  children who require structure and quiet time.
You need to be responsible in making the right choice for your child and if you think your child may not settle in an unstructured learning environment, then it is your responsibility to not sign them up for this program.

Where is the location of the learning hub?

The new permanent space for the Luxor Learning Hub, is located on a family farm in a village 15 mins from downtow West Bank of Luxor. 

Are tablets and laptops required?

We are a no technology learning center, except for the upper ages who may use technology for reserach and planning of thier work. 
We feel technology on site can not be safely monited and that the freedom will give the children a chance to really immerse into their new community.

Can i hire a babysitter or nanny?

It is not an easy place to hire a registered nanny or babysitter as women traditionally can not work in foreign homes. 
We do have male staff who could potentially provide a babysitter service for ocassional use. We are looking into how we can provide babysitting services. 

Are your prices in Egyptian pounds or British pounds?

Our prices are quoted in British Pounds Sterling.

Do i need a visa to stay in Egypt?

You can get a tourist 30 day visa on arrival at any airport in Egypt. 

Is Egypt safe for forigners?

Egypt is very safe for foreigners. The security forces make sure tourists are well protected and there is not a feeling of being unsafe here in Egypt. 
Americans live here in Egypt and have no problem travelling around Egypt.

Do you have a sibling discount?

We do offer a 10% sibling discount for the 3+ sibling after 2 full paying siblings.

What is your refund policy?

We have a strict no refunds policy once your fees are paid. 
If Egypts borders are open and you are allowed to enter, we will run our program.
The only time we will refund your full fees money is if we do not run your session or trip or the borders of Egypt are closed.
If a refund is needed, we will issue a refund through our insurance company, but you should also purchase trip insurance to cover you for any cancellations that may arise. 

Masks and PCR Testing

We are a no mask wearing learning hub and we do not encourge PCR testing for any new or old viruses. If you choose to test independently and test positive we will not run an isolation or close the hub and it is at your discretion if you want your child to attend the sessions.

Is your program academic?

Our program is hands on in nature and we do not follow a academic syllabus. All our workshops are practical and suited for all ages 3+.

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