Meet Abdel-Rehiem

The Biggest Smile in Luxor

Abdel was born and raised in the village of Al Birat in West Bank Luxor and is also an incredible proud host. He is the second half of Luxor Learning Hubs management team and co-founder. Abdel is all round amazing at everything and can be found settling in our guests in his home town and always on hand to help and advise with his big heart and big smile.


The Mighty Mastafa

Mastafa is one of our core hub team members and is all round a great energy with our young people. 
He is studying to be an Engineer and assists us in all our in hub activities. 
He really is a gem in the rough from making bow and arrows from palm trees to rounding up our little people to enjoy hub activities. 
We have encouraged Mastafa to take his Forest School Level 1 training to advance his skills to work at the Learning Hub and I'm sure he will be with us for many years to come.


Volunteers & Workshop Leaders

In 2021 we startedour project with just 3 volunteer parent facilatators who helped us bring the daily activities to life.
In 2022 we will have a skilled paid workshop leader for each age group, plus 1 assistant per agr group to assist with each groups daily activities.
We are trying to work with educators who understand self directed learning landscapes and can work in eco education and preferably have some Forest School training.


My School Project

Sharing My Work with Others

This is my latest project. Before embarking on this intriguing journey, I had doubts about finding all the answers. I didn’t know what tools would serve me best, and wasn’t sure what resources would be best suited for this type of work. However, months of hard work provided me not only with the answers, but also with new methods to help me explore the things that I’m most curious about. I believe that the result speaks for itself - check it out and let me know!

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